The Maiêutica's Academic Campus (Instituto Universitário da Maia e Instituto Politécnico da Maia), is located in Maia, circa 14 Km of Porto, the second largest city of Portugal.
Known for its great tourism, gastronomy and its delicious port wine world-wide appreciated, Porto has a mild climate. Summers can be quite hot, but they are rarely intolerable. When the sun goes down during these occasional heat waves, the proximity of the Atlantic Ocean city keeps the humidity low.
In the summer there are many glorious days of sunshine to enjoy.
The autumn is very pleasant, but when the winter appears, it also brings rain. The port receives more rain than the south of the country, even outside the rainy season. Due to the greater amount of precipitation, the landscape is very green and lush.
Spring is a very pleasant time to visit the city because the winter rains leave for other stops and there is plenty of sunshine without scorching summer temperatures.


Maiêutica's Academic Camp


Maiêutica's Academic Campus

Avenida Carlos de Oliveira Campos - Castêlo da Maia / 4475-690 Maia
 (+351) 229 866 000
 (+351) 808 202 214
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How to get to the Venue from Porto?

The Maiêutica Academic Campus (Maia University Institute and Maia Polytechnic Institute), have a metro stop right next to its entrance that allows for fast traveling to and from Porto.
Metro Line: Green Line (C) - Direction: ISMAI
GPS: N 41.2677920 -W 8.6170470