I WADVAM 2020 – 1st Workshop in Analytics and Data Visualization Applied in Marketing


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This workshop calls to send their work to professionals, academics and researchers in the field of analytics, and data visualization to the area of marketing, communication and technologies.

Currently technology is a fundamental input in many areas of knowledge, marketing and communication are no stranger to it, so they have had to adapt to the new challenges that technologies have generated, currently the amount of information that It is generated is incredibly large, marketing and communications contribute greatly to this generation of data and it is necessary to create and propose new mechanisms that allow the analysis, visualization, treatment or management of data in order to get more out of the information and generate new mechanisms that make better use of analytics of data currently generated.

Participants may submit papers on the following topics.

  • Analytics in marketing or communication
  • Visualization in neurocommunication
  • Sentimental analysis with georeferencing
  • Artificial intelligence applied in data visualization
  • Data management in advertising
  • Analytics for marketing competitive intelligence
  • Knowledge management applied to marketing
  • Knowledge discovery in marketing databases
  • Deep learning applied to marketing
  • Marketing and institutional and government communication
  • Other topics converging with the theme of the workshop


Publications of approved works:

In English: Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies Collection, Springer.

In Spanish or Portuguese: RISTI (Scopus)

Extended versions selected by the Academic Coordination, possibility of publication in "Data Technologies and Applications" (JCR).


Important dates:

Deadline for article upload: June 30, 2020

Acceptance notification: July 15, 2020

Registration: July 30, 2020.

Conference: October 8-10, 2020.


e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



  • GIIRA Research Gruop, Universidad Distrital Franciso José de Caldas (Colombia)
  • Comercio Electronico Research Gruop, Universidad Distrital Franciso José de Caldas (Colombia)
  • Fundación Universidad Internacional de la Rioja (Colombia)
  • Universidad de Oviedo (España)


Academic coordination:

  • Carlos Enrique Montenegro-Marín (Universidad Distrital Franciso José de Caldas, Colombia)
  • Paulo Alonso Gaona-Garcia (Universidad Distrital Franciso José de Caldas, Colombia)
  • Giovanny Mauricio Tarazona Bermudez (Universidad Distrital Franciso José de Caldas, Colombia)


Organizing Committee:

  • Rubén Gonzalez Crespo (Universidad Internacional de la Rioja - UNIR, España)
  • Franklin Montenegro (Universidad de Cundinamarca, Colombia)
  • Karen Angarita (Fundación Universidad Internacional de la Rioja, Colombia)
  • Elvis Eduardo Gaona Garcia (Universidad Distrital Franciso José de Caldas, Colombia)
  • Julio Baron Velandia (Universidad Distrital Franciso José de Caldas, Colombia)
  • Vicente Garcia Diaz (Universidad de Oviedo, España)


Scientific Comittee:

  • Edward Nuñez (Universidad de Oviedo, España)
  • Rafael Reyes (Corporación Universitaria Lasallista, Colombia)
  • Edwin Millan (Universidad de la Amazonia, Colombia)
  • Breedyeet Alfonso (Fundación Universidad Internacional de la Rioja, Colombia)
  • Carlos Augusto Sanchez Martelo (Universidad Manuela Beltran, Colombia)
  • Joaquin Fernando Sanchez (Universidad Manuela Beltran, Colombia)
  • Ronal Gutierrez (Universidad de la Sabana, Colombia)
  • José Quintero Fernando López (Universidad San Buenaventura Cali, Colombia)
  • David martin (Universidad de Alcala de Henares, España)
  • Flor Nancy Diaz Piraquive (Fundación Universidad Internacional de la Rioja, Colombia)
  • Albeiro Cortés Cabezas (Universidad Surcolombiana, Colombia)




Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas Universidad de Oviedo Fundación Universitaria Internacional de La Rioja – UNIR